Unemployed Life

On December 9th, I quit my serving position in Lewes, Delaware.  Some people may say this was a ridiculously stupid move on my part.  How would I make money to support myself, my life??  I'll figure it out.  Lately, I have spoken multiple times about how bad this job was for my mental health.  The place was run terribly and disrespectful to the employees that really cared about the business' success. But I'm not here to bitch about that place.  Or bitch at all.  Since December 9th, I have been having a BLAST!

After Christmas, I really started to challenge myself instead of letting others create my challenges.  I set my own schedule and pushed myself but also listened to my body and what it needed.  I could tell you over and over again how amazing this was for myself.  I ran 78 miles in January and did yoga [almost] every day.  I flew in a plane for the first time in over two years.  I have never been so poor but so happy.  I am truly finding out who is in my life for my best interest.  It is an amazing feeling to have.  My entire life I have been in search of true happiness.  After the last couple months, I feel like I'm getting there.